James Jones' father, Ramon Jones, his mother, and his sister, Mary Ann Jones, are all buried in the New Robinson Cemetery in Jones' Robinson, Illinois, hometown.


To reach the Old Jones Cemetery near the village of Hardinville where many of Jones' early ancestors are buried, head east out of Robinson on Route 33, go six miles and turn left (south) on the Stoy road toward Hardinville. Drive south five miles to the Hardinville crossroads, turn left (east) to the T. Turn south onto a gravel road. When you get to the S curve, (E 400th)  an oil road will go left (east). You will come to a woods on the right  (south) and a smaller oil road. The cemetery is down just a few yards at the edge of the woods. (See map and you can show a larger section of the state.)


For the Haskin Cemetery, head east out of Robinson on Illinois Route 33 to the Gordon Junction, turn right (south ) on Illinois Route 1 and go to Flat Rock Rock. Then turn right (west) on 300th Avenue toward the Amish Store. You will see a sign for the Amish Store. The next road (or the second) is the 825th Street intersection. There is a tan house with a reddish roof on the northwest  corner. Turn left (south) on 825th Street. A woods will be on the left hand side. At the end of this woods is East 250th Avenue. Turn left. and in that woods back up a dirt lane about 100 yards of so is the Haskin Cemetery near where Mary Ann (the grandmother) lived. Various Jones graves are here as well as in the Old Jones Cemetery. There’s a grassy, little used, road on the left about half a block after you’ve turned. Walk down that road, or drive and at the end is the cemetery.

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