James Jones Literary Society Newsletter Writer's Guidelines

James Jones Literary Society Newsletter
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The James Jones Literary Society newsletter is published by the JJLS through its headquarters at Lincoln Trail College, 11220 State Highway 1 in Robinson, IL, 62454, hometown of James Jones. It is published quarterly in January, April, July and October and is sent to society members throughout the United States and around the world.

Subscription is largely through James Jones Literary Society membership, which is open to anyone who is interested in the works of James Jones. Single copies are available upon request and may be found on the Soceity web site.


Recognition of the works of James Jones is paramount at the James Jones Literary Society. Articles related to the memory and legacy of James Jones and activities, projects and upcoming events are of prime interest.

Interviews with prominent figures and friends and contemporaries of James Jones are of interest. First-person accounts and recollections are of interest. Academic research, reviews and reprints are acceptable when relevant to James Jones and his work and permission to reprint of copyrighted material is granted or acceptable fair use guidelines of copyrighted material are followed.

We do not accept poetry, fiction, reprints or reviews of material that is not applicable to the work of James Jones.


Manuscripts should be no longer than five double-spaced typewritten pages, depending on the subject. Reprints are not considered unless permission from the publication owning the rights to the piece is included. Changes are often required to make copy conform to editorial requirements. Accuracy is a must. If little known facts or quotes are used, please cite a reference.

Submit manuscripts by e-mail or on a 3 1/2" diskette. Please send a hard copy, too. Most word processing software is translatable; however, it is advised to also send in ASCII format or a version of the submission in text file. Typed, double-spaced manuscript will also be considered.


Clarity and simplicity, originality, concrete detail, short paragraphs and strong words are essential. Write in the active voice, and avoid flowery prose and academic jargon. Please feel free to suggest headlines and subheads. Send only clean copy with one-inch margins. Consult with The Associated Press Stylebook for correct grammar, punctuation and other areas of concern.

Photographs Photos of exceptional interest are considered for publication. Captions must accompany photos, including a separate caption sheet. Many of the photos used in the newsletter are included in the James Jones Archives at the University of Illinois-Springfield, but other sources will be used when relevant and permission is granted to use the photograph. Please send along all relevant sketches, maps, charts and photos. Sources of additional artwork are also most helpful. Good quality black-and-white or color prints are preferred, but we can also use 35mm slides, as well.


Payment is not normally made since most articles come from members of the James Jones Literary Society who are interested in promoting awareness of the works of James Jones, publishing their academic research or having something reprinted that celebrates the legacy and memory of the author.


Queries are not necessary. Articles are submitted on a speculative basis for all contributors. Topics that coincide with a symposium or another event in the life and times of James Jones are always welcome.

Familiarize yourself with the James Jones Literary Society newsletter before submitting material. Although membership in the James Jones Literary Society is not required for publication, it is desirable.


Please enclose a brief biography describing your interest in the works of James Jones and background in the area of his works, life or times about which you are writing. A few sentences is adequate.

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